Woodbury residents are trialling an additional fold-away white sack which they can put their cardboard in that will be collected weekly at the kerbside. The trial is taking place during early 2019.

They could tell us what they think about the trial by filling in the paper questionnaire that was sent to their homes, or by completing this same questionnaire here online by the closing date of 19 April 2019.

We received 382 completed questionnaires back, which is great, a response rate of 43%! We're now analysing the results and will report our findings here in due course.

Why are we doing this trial?

In 2017 we introduced a new recycling service across East Devon and our householders are now among the best recyclers in the country, recycling more than 57% of their waste every week.

  • Our area is growing, people recycle more and habits change. More of us are shopping online and what we're buying is packaged in cardboard. So more cardboard needs to be recycled.
  • It's easy for glass to accidentally be included with cardboard recycling, which creates problems for the people who process East Devon's recycling. We need to find a way to keep cardboard separate.
  • Separating cardboard means we can collect your recycling quicker. This means our lorries will disrupt your neighbourhood for less time.

A separate bag could solve these problems. It also improves the quality of the recycling, which means we can get the best price for it. This keeps costs down and gives you value for money.

Why in Woodbury?

  • Woodbury has lots of different types of homes, so we'll learn if the new white sack suits most people. Around 870 homes are in the trial.
  • As one recycling crew collects all of Woodbury's recycling in one journey, we can accurately measure the results of the trial which will help us see if it works.