The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Devon County Council made funding available to help those who are affected by Coronavirus and who may not be able to access funding or support from elsewhere.

As part of East Devon’s Poverty Strategy we are using the hardship fund, along with other discretionary funding, to help rebuild the financial resilience of those affected by Coronavirus as well as tackling poverty in our district. Our hardship fund is to help support anyone who is facing or experiencing financial hardship with essentials such as those who are unable to afford food or fuel, even if they have not been directly impacted by Coronavirus.

East Devon has been allocated £192,100 of this funding that will be administered by staff working in Revenues and Benefits, in a way that will compliment and work alongside other sources of funding and support already available. 

The fund can be used for many different things such as access to emergency short term support through shopping vouchers, utility top ups, paying for essential travel needs or essential advice and support services.

The main focus of the fund will be on direct support to applicants however consideration is also being given to working with other external organisations/businesses to provide advice and support to an applicant such as money advice services and how a self-employed person can move their business on-line.

How to apply

There will be eligibility criteria that an applicant must meet and all applicants will have a telephone interview to discuss needs.

Applications for the fund can be made on-line through the Request Financial Support form

If you have a resident who you feel may benefit from the fund please ask them to complete an application on-line.

Alternatively please send details of the resident including their phone number and email to

If anyone would like to have any further discussions about the details of the fund, have specific enquiries about how the fund could be used to support clients in your areas, or wish us to look again at a decision made please email