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Local Restrictions Support Grant – (Closed) Addendum 

Following the Government’s announcement of the new national restrictions, local authorities will administer a new Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) (Closed) Addendum to businesses which provide direct in-person services from premises and so have been required to close from 5th November until 2nd December. See the full guidance.

You do not need to contact us, just complete the online form below.  We are writing to all businesses on our records who may be eligible to receive these grants so that they can access the financial help they need as soon as possible.

The Government's list of business types which must close for this period includes businesses providing non-essential retail; personal care facilities; hospitality venues and leisure/entertainment. Please read the Government's guidance for businesses to determine if you are eligible

The amount of grant funding that businesses required to close will receive is dependent on the current rateable value (RV) of your premises. Premises with an RV of £15k and under will receive £1,334. Those with an RV over £15K and below £51K will receive £2,000. Premises with an RV over £51k will receive £3,000.

Payment of this grant covers a four week period. A further grant of the same amount can be claimed in the event of the national restrictions being extended by any further 4 week period.  

Please note, eligibility is subject to the following restrictions:

-       You cannot claim LRSG if the substantive element/majority of your business remains open. This allows for restaurants/pubs/other businesses which must be closed to public entry (losing the majority of normal trade) to still claim LRSG if a smaller permitted part of the business (e.g. take away/click and collect/delivery) remains in operation

-       You cannot claim if the business was in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made on or prior to the 5th November 2020

-       Businesses that have chosen to close but which are not required to will not be eligible for this LRSG grant

-       Every claim will be subject to anti-fraud assessment and account verification. Attempts to fraudulently claim public grant funding will result in funds being recovered and legal action being taken in every instance

The funds can be accessed through a secure online claims system. 

See our Business Grant LRSG FAQ's page for further guidance.

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