We have grants of up to £2,500 available for funding for any projects related to providing food to residents of East Devon who are in food poverty during Coronavirus. 

Projects can include, for example

  • A food bank whose stocks of items are running low and they need an immediate donation to enable them to restock. 
  • A foodbank that needs different items to what they have, for example if they need nappies or cleaning products that they aren't receiving through donations. 
  • New equipment / resources that allow groups to have the capacity for the increased number of people needing their food related service.
  • A service providing hot meals delivered to the homes of vulnerable people, children or adults, who might otherwise not have a hot meal.
  • Costs related to collecting food donations and delivering food to those in need.
  • Training of staff and volunteers working on food related projects. It can be used to fund eligible capital (so for physical things like equipment) and revenue costs (so for things like training, petrol costs).

It can be used to fund eligible capital (so for physical things like equipment) and revenue costs (so for things like training, petrol costs).

Eighteen very worthy projects were funded by our Coronavirus Community Food Fund between April and July 2020, giving out a total of over £29,487. The fund was then closed to applications, and revived when further Coronavirus restrictions came in November 2020. Find out all the projects that have been funded so far

It's currently still open to new applications. 

How much can you apply for

You can apply to the Coronavirus Community Food Fund for between £500 and £2,500. Grants must be spent within 3 months.

Information about other potential grants.

Who can apply

Applications are accepted from constituted and not-for-private-profit voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations, town and parish councils, charities, or a combination of such groups working together. The group applying must have a bank account.

Non-constituted not-for-private-profit groups without their own, separate bank account may apply but they will need to do so with the support of an accountable constituted organisation acting on their behalf either as guarantor or as the holder of the funding. If you fall into this category, organisations that we would accept as guarantor or fund holder include:

  • town or parish councils
  • village hall
  • another constituted local voluntary group that qualifies

Those applying must:

  • Take responsibility for delivering their project.
  • Be able to deliver their project.
  • Agree to and sign a grant agreement and relevant terms and conditions for the funding (by signing the application form).

How will decisions be made

Decisions will be made within a few days of us receiving your application and answers to any queries we may have. Decisions are made by the Chief Executive of East Devon District Council, in consultation with relevant officers. You will be notified of the decision by email. If you’re successful, payment will be processed and you will receive this by BACS.

Generally speaking, we will not fund

  • Projects where a significant amount of match funding is needed and most of it hasn’t been raised.
  • Projects that promote or support a particular political, faith or belief.
  • Individuals or projects that result in direct cash payments or awards to the end beneficiaries.
  • Project sponsorship and fundraising events.
  • Projects from commercial or for- “private-profit” organisations.
  • Projects benefitting one individual recipient, e.g. an individual carer.
  • Projects where more than 25% of the people benefiting from the project live outside of East Devon.
  • Projects seeking a commitment to ongoing support.
  • Projects where groups have more than 12 months running costs in unrestricted reserves.
  • Projects that have already been completed.
  • Projects working with vulnerable people where there isn’t a Safeguarding Policy and / or appropriately trained staff / volunteers.
  • Funds that are required to help pay off debts.

Terms and conditions

By submitting your application form, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions: 

  1. That your project meets the respective eligibility criteria.
  2. The grant can only be used for the purposes specified in the application.
  3. That the project serves communities within East Devon, with at least 75% of the people benefiting from the project living in East Devon.
  4. There is no automatic right to a grant, we will consider all applications and decide on the applications it wishes to grant fund, seeking to distribute funding in an even-handed way across the entire East Devon area. We reserve the right not to make a funding offer to a project.
  5. Grants will be awarded where they are deemed to be most needed and where they would have the greatest impact and outcomes.
  6. Grants will be awarded on a one-off basis. Any grant relating to an application does not commit us to ongoing future funding.
  7. The grant must be spent within 12 weeks of receipt. Any unspent/uncommitted monies may need to be returned to East Devon District Council, in line with the relevant terms and conditions applying.
  8. Any East Devon District Council grant-funded projects will clearly acknowledge, in any related publicity materials the Fund Scheme as an East Devon District Council initiative.
  9. Projects accept that we will issue publicity about projects and activities that we support, so may use such projects within our publicity materials and as promotional case studies and may wish the project to evaluate further its project work and outcomes. 
  10. Within 3 months of project completion, projects will be asked to tell us, by email, how they spent the money.
  11. Repayment of East Devon District Council grant funds may be required at the sole discretion of East Devon District Council if a funded project supplies false information, fails to spend the money in any allotted time period, fails to return evaluation materials within the agreed time period and/or there are any other breaches of the conditions or eligibility criteria.
  12. We may request additional information and assurances; requiring additional terms and conditions to apply and will require you to confirm in writing your acceptance of any additional terms and conditions before agreeing to provide grant funding.

To apply, fill in this form