Guidance for those that are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, and those that aren't Clinically Extremely Vulnerable but need food delivered

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable

Under the current Coronavirus restrictions, clinically extremely vulnerable (shielded) people can no longer register with the Government for priority online supermarket delivery slots from Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and / or Waitrose. If you already have access to these priority supermarket deliveries, you will keep them until at least 21 June 2021 when Government restrictions are currently due to end. 

If you registered with the Government for access to these slots before 31 March 2021:

  • Make sure, as soon as possible, that you have online accounts with the supermarkets you want to receive deliveries from, using the same email address and contact details you used to register on the Government form. Government guidance states that you can set up accounts with as many of the 7 supermarkets as you want to maximise the chance of being able to access a slot when you need it.
  • You should have access to these priority slots within 7 days, your preferred supermarket(s) should get in touch with you to confirm.
  • If after 7 days you haven't heard from your supermarket(s), get in touch with them.
  • Once you have access to the priority online delivery slots, go online, access your account, book a slot and submit an order in the normal way. 

If you have difficulty accessing food, due to any of the following or for any other reason, please call our Coronavirus Community Support Hub on 01395 571500, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

  • have difficulty using these online shopping slots.
  • can't do online shopping, have explored the other ways of getting food listed below and your needs haven't been met. 
  • are in urgent need of food, have explored the other ways of getting food listed below and your needs haven't been met. If you are in urgent need of food over a weekend call our emergency out of hours team instead on 01395 516854.   

If you're clinically extremely vulnerable and can't afford food, please see the information on foodbanks and our Hardship Fund below. 


For those that aren't Clinically Extremely Vulnerable but need food delivered / other sources of help for those that are

Family and friends

Do you have family or friends that can collect and deliver shopping for you. 

Local providers

You can purchase directly from some local producers and retailers that deliver. There are also other local independent shops, farm shops, community shops and wholesalers who have innovated and expanded their services, with some running delivery and/or click and collect services for locals. Some hot food providers such as cafes, restaurants and take-aways will also be doing local deliveries. Details will be available locally and / or online.

If you aren't sure which local businesses could deliver food and other essentials to you, your local town or parish council or your local Coronavirus community effort might be able to tell you.


Supermarkets are prioritising deliveries to those most in need, including elderly or more vulnerable people. If you are healthy and able, not self-isolating and not at greater risk (such as for health reasons or due to your age), supermarkets encourage you to visit in store and leave delivery and click and collect slots for people who need them most.

Information on each main supermarket offering a delivery service are available at the links or numbers below (call charges may apply):

Some supermarkets also offer click and collect services. You order online as you would for a home delivery, the supermarket do your shopping for you and you (or your friend, relative or a volunteer) go pick it up from outside of the store, you don't have to go in.

Services outside of the normal click and collect / home delivery services:

  • Co-op are ordering a same day delivery service in some areas. 
  • Morrisons are offering a doorstep delivery service for people who are self-isolating, and also for the elderly and vulnerable who have no access to the internet so need to order by phone. You need to live within 15 miles of  Morrisons store. You select your order from a list of 47 commonly bought products. You phone to order and it will usually be delivered the next day: 0345 611 6111, option 5
  • Sainsbury's are offering a limited phone ordering service to vulnerable people who have no internet access, don't have anyone that can do shopping for them and can't access food any other way. They'll set up an account for you and take your order. Call: 0800 917 8557
  • Morrisons foodboxes. Order from a variety of standard foodboxes online, including boxes for those with dietary needs. Can usually deliver the next day. 
  • Asda foodboxes. A limited amount of standard foodboxes available each day, they aim to deliver within 2 days.

Other providers

There are various companies who can provide food deliveries. For example companies that:

  • deliver meal kits, you choose your meals and then the company delivers all the ingredients to your home for you to cook. 
  • deliver frozen meals ready for you to heat up. Sometimes these can be ordered by phone. 

Other community support

Find out about local volunteers who can help you in your parish or town. If they can't help you then contact the NHS Volunteers


Foodbanks provide free food for those that do not have enough money to buy food, usually because:

  • You are struggling financially, need to find out if you’re entitled to benefits and need food in the meantime.
  • Your benefits aren’t being paid yet.
  • Your benefit payments have been delayed.
  • You’ve had an emergency you have had to pay and you no longer have money to buy food.

There are 7 foodbanks that help residents throughout the whole of East Devon. 

For a referral from us to a foodbank, and an assessment of how else we may be able to help you financially, please fill in our Financial Hardship form. If you are in urgent need of food or other essential things over a weekend call our emergency out of hours team on 01395 516854.  

If you can't get deliveries that meet your needs

If you're Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, self-isolating or need food deliveries for any other reason (for example as you're housebound) and have explored all the options above, but have been unable to obtain a delivery that meets your needs, please get in touch with our Coronavirus Community Support Hub on 01395 571500 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you are in urgent need of food or other essential things over a weekend call our emergency out of hours team on 01395 516854.