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3. Business continuity - keeping going in an emergency

This business continuity plan could just be a simple plan that would ensure that your organisation could continue to function.

A simple plan may include:

  • The emergency contact details for your team and members in case you need to close
  • Having processes in place to allow home working should the need arise. If your building is closed or your team have to isolate how will you continue to operate?
  • How you support members / beneficiaries by phone or alternative methods rather than face to face
  • What difficulties and issues will arise if your team are off sick, and how will you manage them?
  • How you will manage expectations of members, beneficiaries, and stakeholders including commissioners?

Useful advice:

Every insurance policy will have varying terms and conditions so you should check directly with your insurance company or broker to see how you might be affected.  If you have business continuity insurance then it may cover any loss due to the virus.  It isn't standard in insurance covers but it would be worth checking if you have had it.  As of 1700 on 5 Mar 2020, emergency legislation reclassified COVID-19 as a notifiable disease and so it should be covered if you have this on your insurance policy.


This information is a work in progress and is going to be updated as it changes or new information is received. If you’re aware of anything that needs updating, adding or changing please email

Disclaimer: We have not been able to undertake checks on all groups.