Guide East Devon District Council Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Pack

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1. Message from the Leader and Chief Executive of East Devon District Council

Dear East Devon Resident,

I am writing to you to ensure that you are aware of the Council’s Coronavirus Community Support hub.

East Devon District Council is passionate about the care and support of our communities and before the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our main priorities was to ensure we have outstanding homes and communities.

With a pandemic now upon us, this priority is even more significant. We have adapted our services and redeployed staff to ensure that our residents and communities are supported. We’re particularly focussing on ensuring that vulnerable people do not suffer unnecessarily if they struggle to access food, medicine and social support.

This is why we have set up this very important hub because we know that not everyone has family, friends or neighbours who they can call upon to help them during this difficult time.

You can reach the hub on our special hotline which is 01395 571500 and the line is open between 9am and 5pm every weekday.

Our friendly staff will put you in touch with a volunteer or community group who will be able to help you with access to food, picking up medicines or perhaps just find someone for you to chat to if you are feeling down and lonely.

In the meantime, we hope this leaflet provides you with useful information.  Please get in touch if you need support – we are here for you.

Stay well.

With all good wishes,

Cllr Ben Ingham,

Leader of East Devon District Council

Mark Williams

Chief Executive, East Devon District Council

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Last updated 27 April 2020