Guide East Devon District Council Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Pack

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4. Other things you can do to help family, friends and your community

  • Check in regularly on friends and family
  • If you know someone who is self-isolating, contact them via phone and text and check that they are ok. By its very nature, self- isolation is a solitary experience and their wellbeing will likely be improved by talking to someone. 
  • Please be mindful with your comments and actions, so as not to cause undue concern or anxiety within your community. If you hear mis-information that may cause issues, respectfully challenge if you’re able to.
  • Please be respectful of anyone you know who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 as it’s likely to be an anxious time for them. Due to patient confidentiality their details will not be publicly confirmed, so please do what you can to respect and protect their privacy, and do not speculate with the local media or on social media.
  • Public Health England has advised people who are self-isolating to do what they can to avoid visitors to their home and deliveries of groceries, medications or other shopping to be left at the door so please ensure that when you are providing support this advice is followed.

More information on wellbeing and mental health.