Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 17 April 2020

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4. Greater clarity on what counts as a 'reasonable excuse' to be out and about during Covid-19 lockdown

The National Police Chief's Council and the College of Policing have issued a useful and practical guide as to what might or might not constitute a 'reasonable excuse' to be out and about during lockdown. The guide provides much needed clarity following Dominic Raab's announcement that lockdown has been extended for another three weeks until 7 May 2020. Previously, it was suggested that members of the public could only leave their homes if it was 'essential' to do so. However, the police are now saying that reasons ranging from needing to cool off from an argument to buying alcohol or luxuries and taking your pet to the vet or having a rest while out for a walk, all count as reasons to be outside your home. You can read the full list of reasonable excuses on the College of Policing website. Devon and Cornwall police have created a useful list of Covid-19 commonly asked questions and answers about travel, exercise and recreations, daily life, crime etc.