Guide East Devon business coronavirus update - 24 April 2020

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2. East Devon Business Continuity Programme

To support businesses at this challenging time, East Devon District Council are working with Cosmic to provide an innovative range of webinars and online workshops for small businesses. Businesses can register for FREE and take part via video conferencing, to learn about steps to take to look after your business at this time. Webinars and workshops are designed to help you adapt to new ways of working. Future workshops will include: selling online; digitising your products and services; using social media; marketing; software and tools to help you achieve more:

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5th May: New ways to sell online and increase income during Covid 19      

13th May: Maximising business opportunities in a remote environment

Cosmic’s joint chief executive, Julie Hawker, has provided valuable insight into leadership in times of crisis. How can we “pivot”? – virtualise service delivery, communications, move to e-commerce for retail. Read more.