Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update 9 April 2020

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4. Grants for East Devon Businesses

Businesses eligible for grants due to the impact of Coronavirus are currently being contacted by letter and email, where possible.  You can find answers to frequently asked questions and watch a video which explains the process.

​Small businesses and the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are key components of East Devon's local economy. Getting the funds out to where they are required has been a top priority and, as the feedback below helps to show, is providing real support during this challenging time. Any business that has received notification that they are eligible for this support should claim the funds, as instructed, without delay.​

Thanks so much, we just received ours and it is such a relief, thanks for getting them out to us so quick when we really needed them. 

I must say a massive thank you as a businessman in Seaton. I have received the grant money into our account. From the announcement on the 20th march to receiving this now and the speed this has happened - I cannot thank you enough. It makes a considerable difference to help us reach the other side of Covid-19.”

As a local small business owner, I want to write to say thank you to your team for your extraordinary response in getting the government’s financial aid out so quickly. I’m astonished at the speed of your response, and am aware just how much effort will have been put in to make this happen. The difference this makes to the likelihood of survival of my and others’ little businesses is huge.  I’d be grateful if you pass my thanks to your team. There are many unsung heroes in this current situation, and come Thursday, I’ll be including you all in my Clapping for Carers.”