Guide East Devon Business update - 21 January 2021

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2. Grants for businesses affected by Tier 2 and 3 restrictions

Businesses which could remain open but have been severely financially affected by tier 2 and tier 3 restrictions from 2nd December to 4th January can now apply for Local Restrictions Support Grants (Open) V2.

Grant applications are also being encouraged from:

• Pubs which primarily sell drinks rather than food, are registered for business rates and were affected by tier 2 from 2nd December can apply for a one-off £1,000 payment from the Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs. Pubs should apply for the grant before 31st January 2021, when the fund closes.

• Businesses which pay business rates and were legally forced to close from 2nd December to 4th January should apply for the Local restrictions support grant - Closed v2.

We received 144 applications for the Additional Restrictions Grant for businesses severely financially affected from 5th November to 1st December. These have been reviewed by the panel of Councillors on 21st January . All applicants will be contacted and payments made for those approved within 3 working days.

In East Devon, there are currently 6 different grant schemes covering various time periods to support businesses which have closed as instructed by Government, or are open and have been severely financially affected due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Each time period comes with a specific set of business grants for us as a local authority to administer and distribute. We urge businesses to check our business grants portal frequently for grants which are currently live or coming soon.

We recognise that the changing national and local restrictions periods mean that the various grants schemes can be confusing to businesses.

With this in mind, we are simplifying the process to make the grants easier to access. This will take some time, so we ask businesses to please be patient, bear with us and check the website for updates rather than contacting us. In due course, we hope to move to a rolling programme of support. This means that once a business has made a valid claim and its circumstances remain the same, the business can continue to receive payments in line with changing restrictions, rather than having to re-apply every time.

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