Guide East Devon Coronavirus residents update 21 August 2020

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2. Keeping COVID under control

With so much coverage in the national media about a potential second wave of coronavirus, we wanted to reassure you about our continued efforts in East Devon to contain the virus. The number of COVID-19 cases in Devon is still very low and we want to keep it that way.

Everyone has done well so far to comply with prevention measures and national guidance so it's vital that we all keep it up and to work together to help prevent a second peak by maintaining social distancing, regularly washing our hands and wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces.

There is a Local Outbreak Management Plan for Devon and we continue to work closely with partners and with the very latest local data and intelligence to help monitor the situation very closely and respond rapidly if necessary. Up-to-date information about the number of cases in Devon is also available.

With our partners, we are actively planning for a range of possible scenarios including a potential outbreak in specific settings, ensuring robust plans are in place and testing these. We are also encouraging visitors to think about their stay in the South West and be respectful of local communities and the environment.

The council, working with its partners, will continue to:

  • Use its communications channels to tell people about what is happening across East Devon.
  • Provide information so people understand their role in protecting themselves, their families and their communities by adhering to social distancing measures, washing their hands, wearing a face covering and getting a test and self-isolating if they have symptoms.
  • Support businesses to follow government guidelines and help them to manage any outbreaks in their workforce.
  • Support any opportunities to have extra testing across the district, including testing for people who do not have symptoms. This will help the detection of the virus and support people to quickly self-isolate and prevent any further spread within the community.
  • Pay very close attention to what the data is telling us about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be continuously reviewing its action plan so high-risk areas are identified and it can respond to any changes, trends or potential outbreaks.