Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 05 March 2021

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6. Local Plan: One week left to have your say

There's just one week left to have your say in the initial consultation on East Devon's next Local Plan.

The Local Plan is the key document used in making decisions in East Devon – and everyone who lives, works and spends time in the district has been asked to share their views about the future of the district. The feedback we receive to this first consultation will be used to help inform and refine our thinking as the Local Plan is progressed.

We have set ourselves a challenging but exciting programme to produce the Local Plan. In just over a year’s time we hope to have a draft plan with lots more detail in it that we will invite comment on, then in late 2023 and into 2024 we will move to a final version of the plan informed by the comments we receive that will be subject to an examination in public by a Government appointed planning inspector.

Alongside the Local Plan consultation we are also offering the opportunity, through a call for sites, for people to identify land areas that they think would be suitable for development. We will look at the sites submitted and choose from them a list of those that we think should feature in the Local Plan as future land for development. As part of future consultation there will be the opportunity for people to comment on favoured site choices.

We don’t want to see East Devon ruined by ugly development scarring our landscape, trees and hedgerows pulled down and our wildlife destroyed. Do you agree?

We don’t want to see new homes built in East Devon which are poor quality and look like those built everywhere else; homes that don’t meet the needs of local people, are remote from jobs and services, aren’t affordable and are inefficient to heat and run are not what East Devon needs. Do you agree?

Help us to make sure that we deliver homes and communities that you want to live in and protect what you value about East Devon’s environment.

Public feedback is essential to help us produce our new Local Plan. If we don’t get your input now then we won’t be able to deliver the East Devon you want in the future. That is why we are asking you to read our Issues and Options report and fill in our questionnaire.