Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 05 March 2021

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9. Results released on residents' satisfaction with council

The LGA’s latest survey into resident satisfaction with local government has again showed some positive results - including residents views on trust, value for money and feeling informed.

The results show:

67 per cent of people are satisfied with the way their local council runs things
67 per cent think their council keep residents informed
66 per cent trust their council
61 per cent think their council acts on the concerns of residents
52 per cent agree their council provides value for money
71 said they trust their council to make decisions about how services are provided in their local area, compared to 18 per cent who said the Government
70 per cent of respondents singled out councillors as people they most trust to make decisions about how local services are provided

The high levels of trust and feeling informed are also significantly above the polling average.