Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 1 April 2021

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6. Don't lose the right to have your say!

Elections are an important opportunity for residents to have their say about the issues that matter to them and their local communities.

In order to vote in these important elections, residents must be on the electoral register. With the deadline to register to vote fast approaching, anyone who has not registered at their current address can still make sure they are registered in time.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Monday 19 April. It takes just five minutes to apply online.

There are a number of ways to vote in the May elections including, voting by post, voting by proxy (by asking someone trusted to vote on your behalf), or voting in person at a polling station.

Although the elections are not until May, plans are already being made to help voters stay safe when casting their vote.

This year, it is advised that those who can, vote by post, however, polling stations will still be open, and measures will be in place to ensure that they are COVID secure. These measures will include social distancing and availability of hand-sanitiser, as well as asking voters to wear a mask and bring their own pencil to use on their ballot paper.

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