Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 1 April 2021

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11. Recycling and Waste news

Shortage of plastics means we need your recycling more than ever!

We need as many plastics pots, trays, tubs and bottles as you can possibly recycle in your green recycling sack.

The British Plastics Federation reports that the UK is facing a raw material shortage, due to a shortage of plastic polymers.

This could hold back our post-pandemic economic recovery.

Industry sectors that need a constant supply of polymers are: healthcare, food, water supply, sanitation, transport and energy efficient building construction.

But please note, we are unable to recycle ‘film’ products such as: bread bags, bubble wrap, carrier bags, polythene, which contaminate the other plastic materials.

Your recycling benefits our environment and our economy.

Thank you for recycling.

For more information relating to recycling and disposals, please visit our website.

Bin collection dates changed over Easter:

  • Good Friday (2 April) collections will be made on Saturday, 3 April.
    There will be no collections on Easter Monday (5 April) and the week will move one day on as usual with the Friday collections taking place on Saturday, 10 April.