Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 16 October 2020

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10. East Devon Business Update

Are you ready for our new relationship with the European Union?

There are now less than 80 days until the end of the transition period and there will be no extension, so if you run a business in East Devon you need to act now.

Regardless of whether we reach a trade agreement with the EU, from 1 January there will be guaranteed changes to:
• the way businesses import and export goods;
• the process for hiring people from the EU; and
• the way businesses provide services in EU markets.

Help is available by visiting
1. Sign-up for regular updates from Government on the transition.
2. Attend Government webinars for additional support, which you can sign-up to attend now.

Unless you take action, there is a risk business operations will be interrupted. You should also check with your suppliers and customers to see whether they are taking appropriate action.