Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 18 September 2020

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2. Director of Public Health Devon urges all residents to heed advice at all times

Dr Virginia Pearson, Director of Public Health Devon and Chair of the multi-agency COVID-19 Health Protection Board has reminded all residents that whilst Devon's rates of confirmed cases have been comparatively low so far, we cannot be complacent. In a statement released last week, she said: It’s very easy, with the relaxation of restrictions we’ve had over recent months - the call for people to return to work and to support our high streets; our children returning to schools, colleges and soon to Universities – to believe that life is back to normal.

“It is not back to normal.  The virus is still here and it is very easy to get infected, especially indoors.  I am therefore urging all Devon residents, of all ages, but specifically to our younger residents who perhaps do not feel the risk felt by older and more vulnerable residents, to follow the public health advice at all times."

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