Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 19 February 2021

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10. Recycling and Waste news

You can recycle in the bathroom too. Please remember to recycle all your bathroom and shower items. Aerosols, cardboard tubes and boxes and plastic bottles are all valuable materials which can be recycled. Please put trigger spray bottles in your green recycling sack with your other mixed plastics. Some trigger spray mechanisms have small metal components but these will be separated out during processing.

Thank you for helping us to recover valuable resources.

For more information relating to recycling and disposals, please visit our website.
The Recycling Team

A keen recycler has recently asked us the following recycling question:

'Can bottles with spray heads be recycled with the spray head attached?’

The answer is yes!

We know the heads can be difficult to remove, so please just put the whole thing in your green recycling sack. The different components which make up the whole bottle, will be separated during processing and as much as possible will be recycled.

Thank you for recycling and helping us to recover the maximum amount of valuable resources we can, to benefit the environment and the economy.