Guide East Devon residents coronavirus update - 19 February 2021

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12. Wild East Devon update

Whether you’re out on your daily exercise or even looking out of a window, noticing nature can give us such a boost. Especially now natural colours are starting to make a comeback with the early onset of spring.

Verges and bare hedgerow bottoms will begin to see some colour returning in the coming weeks with clumps of Cow Parsley and Goosegrass, and shoots of grasses and nettles.

The stunning Snowdrop will also start to emerge. Did you know that Snowdrops are thought to look like 3 drops of milk hanging from the stem? This accounts for its Latin name Galanthus which means ’milk-white flowers’.

February is also a good time to admire and appreciate trees in their bare form, especially on a frosty day. Look for the incredible shapes and sizes that they have grown into. Notice the twisting, interesting branches before leaves cover up their intricacies. A mature Oak tree can grow and shed 250,000 leaves and produce 50,000 acorns a year?