Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 30 October 2020

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15. Be Pump-Kind!

If you’re planning to buy a pumpkin, here are some top tips to get your money’s worth and reduce waste at the same time:
• Scoop out and roast the flesh and use to make delicious pumpkin soup, pie, wedges and pasta sauce. Find some tasty pumpkin recipes here.
• Remove pumpkin seeds and roast for a nutritious snack or use in muesli, smoothies, bread baking or toppings on savoury dishes for a vitamin and mineral boost.
• After Halloween, smash your pumpkin into small pieces – a great activity for children - and add to your garden compost bin.  Smaller pieces will rot down quicker than large chunks.
• If you can’t eat or compost your pumpkin please put it in or on your blue food caddy so it can be collected as part of your weekly food waste collection. It will be used to generate electricity and make bio-fertiliser for South West farms.

For more tips and advice about reducing your food waste over Halloween and throughout the year

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