Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 17 July 2020

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3. Council offers advice to businesses to operate safely and be Covid-19 compliant

As businesses re-open across East Devon, the district council is working constructively and pragmatically to ensure that we support each other safely through this all-important phase while maintaining a strong focus on public health alongside supporting livelihoods.

The council wants to help businesses operate legally, taking into consideration such factors as licensing and public safety as well as helping firms be Covid-19 compliant.

Whilst we appreciate businesses need to begin trading successfully again, businesses must take steps to help their customers stay safe, social distance and, if you operate a shop from July 24 your customers must wear face masks. The council can help businesses comply with these regulations with advice and if you do need help, contact our environmental health team at

The forthcoming government relaxation of pavement licenses comes into force in early August and East Devon will be administering these licenses.

In the meantime any hospitality business that wishes to expand their outside trading or licensable area need to be aware that a Temporary Events Notice (TENs) and landowner permission is required. For a TENs license, you need to apply at least working five days in advance and more information is available on our website how to apply for a temporary event notice.