Guide East Devon business coronavirus update - 4 June 2020

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10. Non-Essential Retail To Reopen From 15th June

The government has announced that broader range of non-essential retail outlets will be able to open from 15th June such as shops, galleries and indoor markets. This is following car showrooms and outdoor markets which will be allowed to reopen from 1st June.

In order to reopen safely, retailers will need to follow new government guidelines such as waiting 72 hours before putting returned items back out on the shop floor, as well as placing protective coverings on large items touched by the public such as beds or sofas.

It will be important that if you are reopening that you reassure customers that it is safe for them to return and informing them of the safety measures you have put in place. The Scottish government has put together a very useful checklist for retailers to use to ensure they are opening safely. This checklist is based on the UK government's guide for retailers in England.