Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 05 June 2020

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3. Happy Devon Day!

This week we have had a double celebration as we celebrated Devon Day on Thursday 4th June and today we mark St Boniface Day (who since May 2019 has been) the Patron Saint of Devon. 

East Devon District Council Leader Councillor Paul Arnott joined the celebrations by saying “Although the idea of Devon Day is still only a few years old - and our wonderful green, white and black flag is not much older - it is never too late for a new tradition. In recent months thousands of us have thanked our lucky stars that we live here and it's good to celebrate that.

On Devon Day we also have a chance to consider the man to whom our flag is dedicated, St Petroc, whose outward looking life took him around the south west, to Britanny and to Ireland. Devon people are at their best when they feel an affiliation for the place where we live while reaching out to engage with the wider world. Let's hope that before too long that is what we will be able to do again."