Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update 3 April 2020

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3. East Devon District Council Coronavirus Community Support Hub update

The Community Support Hub hotline and associated on-line forms are for local residents who need help or support, communities and organisations to access information and support, or volunteer their time and resources to help your local community. The Hub is for individuals or organisations requesting or offering personal support needs such as shopping, caring needs or medicine.The Hub has taken circa 45-55 calls each day.

Here is an example of a grateful caller who needed to arrange a food delivery for their mother.

Thank you so much for sending through the leaflet. I contacted the Spar shop and they took a delivery round to my mother in law within 10 minutes of my call to them.
We are very relieved to know she has her essential items. They phoned me back to let me know they had made the delivery and they had noted her as vulnerable person on their priority list. Very grateful for your help today.’

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for your support. It was lovely to receive the food parcel yesterday, the tea and milk were especially welcome. I shared the contents amongst some elderly neighbours who are also unable to shop. Excellent service and much appreciated.