Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update 3 April 2020

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10. Recycling and waste

Please help our crews!

We are collecting much higher than normal amounts of waste and recycling as everyone is staying at home under Government guidance. If you are taking the opportunity to have a household clear out or are producing much more recycling at home than normal try storing some of the dry materials and put them out for collection over a number of collections. You could also try some of our managing waste tips.

Our crews are working very hard to maintain your collections in these difficult times and this would help them greatly. Keep checking our  Recycling and Waste pages for further updates. Thank you.

Parking issues on collection days

Please could we ask people to park more considerately to enable our refuse and recycling crews to complete their collections? With more and more people now staying at home, our bin crews are having problems accessing some roads due to cars parked inconsiderately. They'd really appreciate people being mindful of this problem when parking on collection days - it's so important that we keep this essential service operating. Thank you.