Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 15 May 2020

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11. Thelma Hulbert Gallery update

Thelma Hulbert Gallery’s doors may be closed but they are staying connected online, sharing art practices and workshops to help keep our spirits up.

NATURE SHORT 5- Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews

‘Air Unlimited’ features video footage of a moth captured by Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews during their work with the Devon Moth Group at the Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth. The footage was created while they were working there on their double exposure photographs for last year’s Well Trodden Wrong Ways exhibition. The film features tracks taken from Karen's debut ep ‘a book of butterflies’. Karen is a poet and photographer currently self-isolating in Somerset.

Part of Culture + Climate 2020 in partnership with East Devon AONB, NATURE SHORTS is an online series showcasing art practices which inspire, build creativity and deepen our connection with nature especially during isolation. Every Wednesday, May to June.

Join our lockdown photography project

Dust off your analogue camera to take some photographs for a new lockdown photography project! Photographers Paul Blakemore and Karen Dews invite you to shoot a roll of film recording whatever captures your eye during your lockdown walks. Wind the film back and send it to THG for the artists to create some new double exposure prints. Deadline: 29 May. More information