Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 15 May 2020

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12. Wild East Devon update

Outdoor activities for lockdown

Throughout May we are sharing lots of ideas to inspire young people to learn outdoors in their garden or on their local walk. Please go to the webpage for the latest videos. So try your hand at making a weather vane, playing minibeast bingo, experiment with filtering water, create stick skeletons, map making and much more.  

Nature nurture

This month we have two great ideas for how you can help nature. Why not try No Mow May - leave your lawn to grow – set aside an area of garden (or all of it) and stay away from the lawnmower for a few weeks. See the flowers grow and watch the insects thrive on the daisies and dandelions. Help our hedgehogs this month by making a small hole at the bottom of your fence or boundary. By allowing easier movement between gardens these spiky slug eaters can find more food and have a better chance of thriving. If it is shared boundary please check with your neighbour first.

Our nature reserves are still open for visiting including Seaton Wetlands where toilets and hides will remain closed. Please follow social distancing guidelines when enjoying any of our sites at this time. For site information go to our webpages  

Check out @wildeastdevon to get the latest.