Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 22 May 2020

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9. Business update

We have paid out over £40m in grants to support East Devon businesses. If you are yet to claim your grant or want to decline it please fill in the online form.

Guidance for local authorities on Government’s new ‘top-up’ fund has been published and we are working with our Devon authority partners to develop the policy for the grants to respond to local need. It is clear though, that the amount of funding available in the District (circa £2.5m) relative to the priorities already identified in the national guidance (including B&Bs, charities, market traders and businesses in shared office space) will mean that grants are likely to be restrained in amount, as the likely demand on the fund will significantly exceed the limited amount of funding the Government has allocated. There will be more news on the fund next week.

Our East Devon Business Continuity Programme of FREE informative webinars, brought to you by Cosmic, provides practical support to help you adapt to the current circumstances. From digital marketing made easy to using Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and improving your website, these helpful sessions provide real and useful guidance to reshaping your business for it to survive and thrive, so sign up to these without delay.