Guide East Devon residents Coronavirus update - 7 May 2020

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8. Membury Support Group

Each week we thought it would be interesting, useful and encouraging to let you know more about what the fantastic communities of East Devon are doing to help support their residents during these difficult times. Last week we featured Broadclyst Parish Council’s excellent community effort, this week we’ve received a message from Membury Support Group who are also doing some great things:

It seems an age ago now but in fact it is just over a month ago, on 16 March, when a number of us from Membury Parish Council, Membury Merrymakers, Membury Village Hall Trustees and other volunteers gathered in the hall to discuss what we could do to support each residents of our parish through Coronavirus.

By the end of the week, we had set up a telephone support helpline manned every day of the week and sent out a communication round the village. As you would expect from a community like ours, we have had lots of people volunteer to help, 35 to date!

The most common request for help is for picking up prescriptions, on average 20 per week. If anyone in the parish would like this assistance, please remember that to help the Axminster Surgery, your prescription request needs to be with the surgery by Friday afternoon for us to pick up on the following Thursday. Please also tell the Helpline. As a result, if in doubt, order your medication before you are down to your last week’s worth of supply.

We also do shopping for those who are self-isolating though it has been great to hear of lots of people who are sharing online deliveries as well as shopping for their neighbours. Then there is the weekly milk round, organised by Mike and Sandra Capper. I think we are up to at least a 130 litres of milk being delivered a week now, not to mention the delicious cream!

Then there is the daily update compiled by Daniel Lazar. The contributions from our aspiring poets, story tellers and photographers have been wonderful and a great way to entertain us all. Daniel has also started book and jigsaw swapping, seed sharing and challenged us with scarecrow making, Easter Egg hunts and the inevitable quiz! As for Daniel’s ability to “sniff out” alternative suppliers of food, meals, and takeaways, what can we say except that surely a career awaits him as a travelogue writer or someone like that, as nothing seems to escape his notice!

Lastly, our thanks go to Lucy Noyes, who has calmly organised the Support Group, gently closed down our “battier” ideas and stepped into the breach when urgent errands have needed running.
As it seems it may be many months before we are “back to normal”, please let us know if you live in the parish of Membury and need any help by calling the Helpline 01404 889145 or email 

Likewise, keep sharing your wonderful stories, poems, rhymes, photos and ideas with Daniel. At the end of all this, we can see a Membury Anthology making the bestseller lists!”

A massive thank you to Membury Support Group for all the help they’re giving to their residents.