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7. Keep on moving - taking exercise

Whatever our usual habits, when spending most of our time at home, we will probably move a lot less than we normally do.

Maybe you are used to going to the gym and are missing your regular routine. Perhaps you’re not able to do your usual sports with others, or outdoor exercise like the parkrun.

Or perhaps you’re not usually keen on getting too active, but while at home you’re noticing that you’re moving less than usual.

During this period of staying at home we need to make the extra effort to get active, for our long term health, and also to feel better each day.

Try these ideas:

  • Build physical activity into your day.
  • If you are working at your desk, get up every 40 minutes or so and walk around the house, or do a few stretches or deep breathing exercises. See breathing exercise for stress or flexibility exercises.
  • Also try to do at least three lots of 10-15 minutes exercise spread across the day. Sport England have produced some great advice and links to keep you active during the day
  • Try a 10 minute online exercise routine. 10-minute home cardio workout, Sitting Exercises, Team GB Workout at home videos.
  • At the time of writing, the government agrees that most people should try to take exercise outside once every day. If you are not self-isolating and can get out, make the most of the opportunity to go for a walk, run or cycle – while of course steering clear of other people not from your household.

Here are some online exercise and fitness links. Lots of gyms and sport instructors are also providing online classes – Google your favourite fitness activities to see what’s available, or search on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.