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11. Who do I want to be during Covid-19?

Not all of us are on the same page at the same time, some of us will be in a state of fear others will be a in a state of personal growth. By and large there are three mental health zones which we can all be depending on the emotions and behaviours we are going through.

The Fear Zone

I am in the fear zone if:

  • I grab food, toilet paper and medications that I don't need
  • I spread emotions related to fear and anger
  • I complain frequently
  • I forward all messages I receive
  • I get mad easily

If you can relate to the all characteristics in the fear zone then you are in that zone, if you can associate with only a few then you are closer to entering the learning zone which is healthier.

To get out of the Fear Zone:

  • Know the myths about Covid-19 and read up on websites such as Public Health England or WHO website
  • Consume information from reliable sources only not Social media
  • Try to look for positive news as well such as recovered people and communities helping each other
  • Talk to people whom you love and make sure you talk about life in general not just Coronavirus

The Learning Zone

I am in the learning zone if:

  • I start to give up what I can't control
  • I stop compulsively consuming what hurts me, from food to news
  • I identify my emotions
  • I become aware of the situation and think how to act
  • I evaluate before spreading something false
  • I recognise that we are all trying to do our best

The learning Zone is a transformation zone and will help you enter the zone of growth, the healthiest zone. You can move between mental states and back to fear but the aim is to keep moving to the growth zone.

To help move to the growth zone you can:

  • Help the community in any way possible be it monetary or emotional
  • Stay in present don’t dwell on past
  • Limit your screen time and focus more on me time
  • Find a new purpose and strive to keep it during lockdown

The Growth Zone

I am in the growth zone if:

  • I think of the others and see how to help them
  • I make my talents available to those that need them
  • I live in the present and focus on the future
  • I am empathetic with myself and with others
  • I thanks and appreciated others
  • I keep a happy emotional state and spread hope
  • I look for a way to adapt to new changes
  • I practice quietude, patience, relationships and creativity

If you recognise the characteristics of the growth zone you are doing well. To maintain and stay in this zone you have to continue with what you are doing.   However here is self-care checklist which you can add to your current lifestyle to remain in this zone.

  • Take deep breaths: they will allow you to stay in control of yourself
  • Do stretch: it will relieve any muscle stiffness
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Meditate: this will help you stay in the present
  • Maintain a daily journal of things you are grateful for
  • Exercise: there are multiple physical and mental health benefits of exercise
  • Go crafty: this will bring out our creative side and pave way for positivity
  • Cook a new recipe: these are brilliant stress busters