Guide Transformation Strategy (2017 -2022)

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1. About this Strategy

Councils are facing a tough and complex set of pressures – cuts in funding, rising demand for services and challenges in economic growth.

East Devon has already responded decisively. We have worked hard to achieve savings through delivering internal efficiencies and have most recently delivered mainly through this Strategy over £0.819m worth of annual savings to produce a balanced budget for the year (2016/17).

Additionally, over the last few years we have saved over £2.8m through our efficiency agenda.

However, continuous reductions in public spending over the medium term and funding available to local district councils is set to reduce on an on-going basis until the national deficit is substantially reduced.

At the same time, demand for services and user expectations continue to increase. The current Medium Term Financial shows annual expenditure will be £1.9 million higher then the income we have available to us by 2021/22.

The financial pressures are not going away so we need to respond in even more profound ways now that we have achieved many of the ‘quick wins’. This means transforming our services and the way we work.

The Transformation Strategy was adopted for 2016/17 financial year and is the latest version moving the position forward another year.