Guide Transformation Strategy (2017 -2022)

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3. Key ‘strategic imperatives’ for transformation: 1. Deliver our WorkSmart Strategy

1. Deliver our WorkSmart Strategy to transform the way we work, our culture and service delivery. Our working smarter ambitions will be underpinned by the right technology choices.

EDDC is working on a number of projects which relate to working smarter and new ways of working. These projects are all aiming to transform the way we work and how the council operates. These activities are driven by our recognition of changing customer behaviour and expectations as well as the need to respond to our financial situation.

Our WorkSmart Strategy outlines how working smarter means that we have to challenge all the assumptions of our traditional ways of working and bring in new approaches to management and team work.

Our Worksmart Strategy is underpinned by new technology. Working smarter depends on moving towards a digital working environment so anywhere that work is carried out is effectively part of ‘the office’. Common systems, processes and tools should be available to all staff wherever they are working.

The government is committed to modernising services by making them online and this has implications for the way we work in delivering our services. Over time this will reduce some of the requirement to work in particular places and at particular times.

Key Actions

Develop and implement WorkSmart Strategy to deliver new ways of working.

Owner: Karen Simpkin Strategic Lead

Timescale: On-going

Potential savings/value creation: Effectiveness of our WorkSmart Strategy will be measured through the following metrics:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Improvements in working practices
  • Cost savings
  • Energy savings / Carbon reduction
  • Office space reduction
  • Improved satisfaction with space, IT delivery and culture
  • Travel reduction
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved staff retention

Deliver IT systems and physical IT requirements for the new office and in support of WorkSmart.

Owner: Strata

Timescale: To be specified through the office accommodation project plan and WorkSmart Strategy

Potential savings/value creation: Efficiencies through the implementation of:

  • New phone system
  • Customer contact system
  • Electronic document management system
  • Flexi time system
  • Intranet content management system

Relocate to new offices providing a presence in Honiton and Exmouth. These offices will be designed to reflect the way we work.

Owner: Richard Cohen Deputy Chief Executive

Potential savings/value creation: Early 2018

Planning Mobile devices.

Owner: Ed Freeman Service Lead

Timescale: 2018/19

Potential savings/value creation: Reduced printing costs £5k