Guide Transformation Strategy (2017 -2022)

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5. Key ‘strategic imperatives’ for transformation: 3. Implement systems thinking reviews across all services

3. Implement systems thinking reviews across all services.

We strive for services which are:

  • Organised around ‘what matters’ to our customers and communities
  • Designed to catch problems early
  • Delivered according to need and in the most appropriate way
  • Value for money

The council has achieved significantly improved performance in areas where systems thinking reviews have taken place. However, there are still areas where we need to implement these reviews.

Further systems thinking reviews will determine what is the purpose of the service in customer terms; what demands customers place on the services and what matters to them; how capable are the various systems in responding to demand and what are the key system conditions impacting the work and how the work flows.

Research and experience in systems thinking councils shows that earlier intervention by public agencies could result in less intensive involvement being required later.

Where possible, services should prioritise and build-in action which has the effect of reducing demand for and cost of services in the longer run.

Addressing the ‘waste demand’ that results from focusing on consequences rather than causes, and approaches which alienate or disempower service users has a high cost for society and high costs for public services.

The principles of preventative spend and early intervention are therefore identified as a strategic imperative.

Our action plans for Systems Thinking Reviews sit within our service areas.