Guide Transformation Strategy (2017 -2022)

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2. What does transforming mean for East Devon District Council?

East Devon District Council’s purpose is to be a successful district council delivering or commissioning the services our council tax payers expect despite the huge reductions in grants.

Our Transformation Strategy sits alongside our Council Plan and outlines how transforming the way we work will deliver our purpose despite the predicted budget gap.

It is intended that this is a dynamic (rather than static) 5 year strategy which will require review and update on at least an annual basis.

It’s important that we remember that transformation is not about moving from one steady state to another; neither is it a discrete programme that is started and finished. Instead, transformation is about an on-going and continuous process of change requiring constant refreshing.

The following ‘strategic themes’ make up our Transformation Strategy.

1) Deliver our Worksmart Strategy and transforming our culture through new ways of working underpinned by the right technology at the right time

2) Deliver improved online services through our Open for Business project

3) Implement systems thinking reviews across all services

4) Maximise the value of our assets through commercial thinking with a focus on income generation, sustainability and developing local economies

5) Actively pursue alternative service delivery methods and models

The ‘strategic themes’ of this Transformation Strategy will be used to ensure that spending and savings proposals can be tested on an on-going basis against pre-agreed criteria. Keeping the ‘strategic imperatives’ in mind will help everyone in the council keep a firm focus on how it directs its human and financial resources so that we steer a steady course to deliver despite the reductions in government funding.