Policy Directed surveillance and covert human intelligence sources policy

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6. Applying for authorisations

The authorising officers for the Council are; the Chief Executive (Mark Williams),Deputy Chief Executive (Richard Cohen), s.151 Finance Officer (Simon Davey) and Monitoring Officer and RIPA Senior Responsible Officer (Henry Gordon Lennox).

Any officer intending to use directed surveillance or a CHIS shall apply for authorisation by completing the appropriate application form - DS/1 -Application for the use of Directed Surveillance or CHIS/1- Application for the use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) - and consult with the RIPA Co-ordinating Officer, who is the Principal Solicitor and Deputy Monitoring Officer (Anita Williams) who is also the central point for advice on law and procedure. She will submit completed authorisations to an authorising officer for consideration and advise the officer of the decision. In line with government guidance, the investigating officer will be responsible for making the application to the Magistrates’ Court and attending any hearing.