Policy Green Travel Plan

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4. Action Plan

Actions 2019-2023 Deadline

Repeat the staff survey to review the level of single user car journeys, use of public transport and other active travel options in our daily commute

October 2019

Review the availability of public transport alternatives and work with service providers to explore the feasibility of new or altered routes and timetables that would better meet the needs of our staff, Members and visitors

November 2019

Promote cycle-purchase scheme managed through Payroll to current staff and new starters

June 2019

Review the uptake of pedal assist electric bicycles by staff and explore incentives to increase their popularity

November 2019

Review the level of use of our bicycle parking and equipment storage facilities and consider whether further changes are appropriate to encourage cycling.

November 2019
Review the use of shower and changing facilities to ensure that they are able to meet demand November 2019

Liaise with DCC and EDDC’s Countryside and Streetscene teams on the development and promotion of new safe cycling and walking routes around East Devon

June 2019

Identify staff who live within 2 miles of their usual place of work and review whether their commute is a single user car journey

November 2019

Review the availability (and uptake if available) of an ultra-low emission vehicle for hire from Blackdown House.

March 2020

Explore the feasibility and desirability of introducing parking restrictions or charging for car parking at Blackdown House.

March 2021

Review the Council’s white fleet and consider whether suitable alternatives are available.

March 2022

Encourage contractors to adopt sustainable approaches including an expectation of green travel consideration and low-emission vehicles in tendering processes

March 2023
Continue to review this plan annually Annually