Shaping the national debate; addressing local priorities

This strategy aims to consistently deliver effective communications to our customers. We strongly believe that customers who are informed about our services and benefits are more positive in their view of the council than those who are not so informed.

Through this strategy we will be reinforcing the message that East Devon is an outstanding place and the council is playing its part by keeping council tax low, working hard to recycle and keeping our surroundings beautiful. Through ensuring we have a strong, vibrant economy with local jobs, we will encourage people who grew up in East Devon to raise their own families here. All this is underpinned by great customer service for all our residents and visitors and a careful approach to budgeting to achieve our ambition.

Some important shifts in our communication strategy

1. We will accelerate our shift towards digital and on-line communications. We will continue to improve the customer journey on the website and keep content fresh and updated as we move a greater share of our communications activity online.

2. Public scepticism about government means that we are seeking to construct campaigns which are much more able to involve people in shaping their public services.

3. The Localism Act means new opportunities for local authorities and citizens. Our communications activity will reflect this and will help to empower communities and manage expectations.

Understanding our audiences is the cornerstone of all our work and drives our communications strategy

We will understand our customers by organising them into defined audience groups and use that knowledge to inform what and how we communicate. That means audience led communication using the appropriate channel with digital channels explored and exploited wherever possible.

Good, honest evaluation

We know that good evaluation is central to the approach of the communications team. We will continuously monitor outcomes and carry out meaningful evaluation that helps us refine our methods and approach. In this way we will ensure our approach begins and ends with the customer.

Internal communications

We know that our employees are our most important asset and great ambassadors for the council. Employees are more engaged when they receive good communication and are actively involved in shaping the council and its services. Our internal communication will continue to ensure that we can attract and retain great people and that they are fully engaged with the council and its future.