Information about the number of employees in post are often requested and are therefore reproduced here.

Headcount figures refer to the number of employees working for the council.

Full-time equivalent (FTE) headcount refers to the number of employees (calculated by dividing the total hours worked by all employees by the average hours worked in a full-time job).

*Please note that until 31 March 2010 the council calculated its employee statistics in accordance with the Audit Commission Best Value Performance Indicator requirements. This required us to report on the basis of employees who were either permanently employed or had been employed for a year or more on a fixed term contract. The council is no longer required to report this Best Value Performance Indicator to the Audit Commission. Headcount figures now include all permanent and fixed term employees irrespective of their length of service.

2020-2021 Figures

Average headcount - 497

Average full-time equivalent (FTE) headcount - 456.71

Average number of employees externally funded (FTE) - 16.13

Average number of employees HRA funded (FTE) - 65.50

EDDC funded (FTE) - 373.29

Average number of employees on maternity (FTE) - 2.46

Number of leavers - 49

Number of new starters - 34

Number of new posts - 7

Working days lost due to sickness absence per person in year - 7.74