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Policy Job Evaluation Policy

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2. The job evaluation process

  1. Existing posts

    Following the implementation of Job Evaluation and its outcomes in April 2007, the process going forward will be that if you feel your post has materially changed, you will be able to submit a completed Job Evaluation Questionnaire, Job Description and Person Specification. This must be accompanied by a request for re-evaluation.

    Evaluations may be requested by:

    • the post holder or their Line Manager, when the post has changed materially and additional, new tasks or responsibilities have been added to the post
    • the Line Manager when work has been taken from one post and allocated to another, thereby needing two re-evaluations. (For example, in the case of structural re-organisation)
    • the Head of Service/Corporate Manager where they have reason to believe the workload has changed.

    No existing posts will be accepted for re-evaluation more than once in a calendar year.

  2. Vacant posts

    When a post becomes vacant and a decision has been made to recruit, it must be assessed by the Corporate Organisational Development Manager on the need to re-evaluate before it can be advertised.

  3. New posts

    Ideally, all new posts will need to be evaluated before they can be advertised. The Line Manager will complete a Job Evaluation Questionnaire and produce a Job Description and Person Specification. If the post is not evaluated before it is advertised it will be marked as ‘Subject to Job Evaluation’. The new postholder will then submit a Job Evaluation Questionnaire within three months of occupying the post. Any salary increase will be backdated to the start date. If the grade/salary is reduced, the normal protection arrangements will apply.

  4. Evaluation panels

    Evaluation panels will be arranged on a monthly basis. A joint panel comprising one management representative, one UNISON/staff representative and one HR chair will then evaluate the job.

    The panellists will be drawn from a pool of trained evaluators and will not be from the same section as the job being evaluated.

    The Corporate Organisational Development Manager will act as the technical adviser and will sore thumb to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the Council.

  5. The process

    The attached Job Evaluation Application Form at the end of this policy must be completed which includes a statement on why a request for evaluation is being submitted and/or how the job has materially changed since it was last evaluated.

    The Job Evaluation Application Form along with an updated Job Evaluation Questionnaire, Job Description and Person Specification must then be forwarded to the Head of Organisational Development who will consider the application and convene a job evaluation panel.

    Requests for re-evaluation/evaluation will be considered on the basis of the documentary evidence submitted.

    The job evaluation panel will then assess the application taking into consideration the original job evaluation questionnaire and the points factor levels originally awarded.

    The Corporate Organisational Manager will consistency check panel scores to ensure the integrity of the overall set of scores.

    You have the right to appeal the outcome using the agreed Job Evaluations Appeal Procedure.

    The Corporate Organisational Development Manager will notify the Line Manager and the post holder in writing within 30 days of the outcome. If this is not possible then the Head of Organisational Development will outline a new timeframe. He/she will also inform Human Resources and Payroll if there is a change in grade.

    Any salary or grade changes will normally be effective from the 1st of the month following the panel decision. If there is an increase in salary or grade between 1 April and 30 September, any further increment increase will be effective from the following April. If there is an increase in salary or grade between 1 October and 31 March, any further increment increase will be effective after 6 months and then each subsequent April as appropriate.

    The protection arrangements outlined in the Joint Agreement 2006 no longer apply.

    If the employee’s post/employees posts has/have been re-evaluated at a lower level than their current grade and salary, they will receive pay protection for a period of one year. They will not be entitled to any pay award or increment for one year.

    To illustrate the effect of this: there are four administration assistants and the post they occupy is evaluated at Grade 2. One of the administration assistants is on a grade 3 and and will now be red circled so will have 1 year salary protection. In order to avoid further inequality, all of the administration assistants will be put on Grade 3 for the period of that protection.

  6. Terms and conditions of employment

    The joint agreement signed in January 2005 and amended in October 2006 enables East Devon District Council to amend the terms and conditions of staff within its scope, including changes to grades and salaries of posts in order to implement job evaluation.