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1. Purpose of the Market Supplements Policy

Market supplements are a way of tackling recruitment and retention issues by temporarily increasing the pay awarded to a post, without altering the job evaluation determined grade for that post. 

The complexity and diversity of the local authority workforce makes it difficult to get the overall pitch of all remuneration levels attuned to the market. In reality, local authorities such as East Devon District Council (EDDC) are operating in a number of different markets.

There is a regional market and for professional posts, we are likely to be competing with other employers in a wider area.  We are in competition with the private and voluntary sectors for some posts, but for others, which are specialist to local government, the main competition is other local authorities.

There is a national market and for most senior professional and managerial roles, where labour mobility is at its highest, we are competing at national level.  For some senior professional posts we are in competition with all sectors, for others, including some senior management roles, the main competition will be other local authorities across the country.

We will use intelligence about national, regional and local markets to enable us to devise our own market strategy.  We aim to pay median quartile for comparable Councils to attract talent and ensure value for money.

This document contains the agreed approach to be taken for the application and monitoring of market supplements within East Devon District Council.  

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 28 January 2020 (due for review by 31 December 2020)