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7. Review of Market Supplements

The Strategic Lead for Organisational Development and Transformation will maintain a database of all market supplements that are approved and will ensure that these are reviewed annually by the Strategic Management Team.

A review will also be carried out when an individual leaves a post that has attracted a market supplement, in order to assess the need to advertise the vacancy with a market supplement in the current labour market. Where such a review leads to a decision to withdraw the market supplement, this will apply with immediate effect to vacant posts.  Existing employees still in receipt of a market supplement will continue to be paid until the end of the guaranteed period and thereafter, it will be withdrawn.

Further reviews will be carried out whenever a post is re-evaluated through the job evaluation process.

If a review results in a decision that the market supplement is no longer justified, it will be withdrawn. In these circumstances, three months’ written notice will be given that the market supplement is being withdrawn.

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 28 January 2020 (due for review by 31 December 2020)