Policy Pay Policy Statement (April 2022 - March 2023)

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2. Definitions

2.1.       For the purposes of this statement chief officers are the:

2.1.1.   Chief Executive Officer

2.1.2.   Directors including section 151 officer and monitoring officer responsibilities

2.2.       For the purposes of this statement officers (including the lowest paid employees) are those on grades 1-11 of the local determined grading structure. The lowest paid employees are defined as employees paid on Spinal Column Point 1 of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) Pay Scale (the lowest point of grade 1).

2.3.       Spot salaries - These are salaries which are a specific sum and are not related to a grade with increasing levels of pay.

2.4.       Pay multiple - This is calculated by comparing all taxable earnings for the given year (including base salary, variable pay, bonuses, allowances and the cash value of benefits in kind) for the chief executive compared to median earnings and the lowest paid in the organisation.