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3. Main policy statement

The joint negotiating committee has previously emphasised that ‘it is good governance that local authorities can demonstrate that decisions on pay and reward packages for chief executives and senior officers have been made in an open and accountable way.’

Salaries will be based on Job Evaluation points which relate to the pay and grading structure for Strategic Leads as designed by South West Regional Employers. Salary levels will be consistent with similar organisations which aim to pay according to median salaries. There will be due regard to balance the need to ensure value for money but enable us to recruit and retain high quality chief officers in the context of national, regional and local labour markets.

In determining the remuneration package for appointments to chief executive, strategic and service leads, the leader of the council will take independent pay advice from South West Regional Services or similar. The leader will then make recommendations which will be subject to the approval of full council.

The leader of the council may recommend too full council changes to the remuneration package following an annual review. Any changes to the remuneration packages will be subject to full council approval.

Salary increases in relation to cost of living will be made in line with National Joint Council recommendations.

As outlined in the pay and reward strategy the use of market supplements may be applied in certain circumstances but at present are not considered necessary for senior officers except for the Service Lead for Planning and Development Management.

At present, there are no additional payments made to senior officers which specifically relate to performance such as performance bonuses - neither is there an element of pay which can be enhanced for performance. Performance issues will be dealt with through the performance excellence review process.

Any termination payments to senior officers where the value is over £100K, on ceasing office will comply with our redundancy policy and only be made with the express approval by full council.

Additional payments are made by central government to officers carrying out additional duties at elections. These payments are not within the scope of this policy.

Through this policy the pay multiple of the chief executive will be monitored annually. Should the multiplier between the annual salary paid to a full time employee on the lowest spinal column point and the annual salary paid to the chief executive be greater than 10:1, this will be reported by the leader of the council to full council for consideration.

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 1 April 2021 (due for review by 1 April 2022)