Guide How to complain about a councillor

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3. What happens to your complaint

The monitoring officer will, along with the independent person appointed by the council, carry out an initial assessment of the complaint by examining what sections of the code of conduct it is alleged have been breached.

Below is an explanation of what the monitoring officer is trying to achieve at the assessment stage:        

  • What is the action/behaviour complained about?
  • What aspect of the Code is breached?
  • What evidence is there to support the complaint?
  • Is there a straightforward way to resolve the complaint?
  • Help the complainant to understand the limited sanctions available
  • Response to the complainant in 4 week

The monitoring officer will take into account:

  • Independent Person’s view and comments
  • Severity of the complaint
  • Attitude of the complainant and subject member and the potential for informal resolution
  • Circumstances and severity of the events – for example was the subject member acting in their official capacity as a councillor when the events took place

Following the initial assessment the Monitoring Officer will determine the appropriate course of action (as detailed in the next section).

You may find useful this councillor complaint flowchart for how a complaint is dealt with.