Policy Equality policy and Strategy 2017-20

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19. Appendix 3 Equality Framework for Local Government

Workforce strategy

Our Workforce development strategy outlines our aims in the areas of organisational development, leadership development, skill development, recruitment and retention and pay and rewards.

Workforce monitoring

We monitor our workforce annually. Applications for new posts are also monitored to ensure fair and robust recruitment and selection procedures and to enable us to consider positive action where appropriate.

HR policies and procedures

We work closely with Unison in the development of our people related policies and undertake equality analyses to ensure adverse impacts are considered and mitigated.

Promoting a positive working environment

Our health and well-being policy outlines the high number of initiatives aimed at developing a positive working environment and our Happy Healthy Here initiatives are aimed at physical and mental health well-being.

Staff engagement

We carry out an annual staff engagement survey which provides an opportunity for staff to give anonymous feedback to the strategic management team.  The feedback is analysed and corporate and service based action plans are developed.

Equal pay

Our pay and reward strategy outlines our approach to fair pay and reward.  We carry out annual equal pay reviews and use an analytical job evaluation scheme (Greater London Provincial Scheme) to ensure equal pay outcomes.

Harassment and bullying

Our unacceptable behaviour policy outlines behaviour which is unacceptable and our equality policy outlines our commitment to equalities.  Staff receive training on these policies and are reminded of their importance through regular reviews and communication of policies.


Our performance excellence review process is an annual event which ensures that all staff members can discuss any training needs to help them achieve their development potential. This is also an opportunity to discuss any special requirements, regional adjustments and absence issues which may be linked to protected characteristics.

Learning and development

Our learning and development policy outlines our commitment to helping staff achieve their development potential.  Learning and development is provided in a number of different ways to ensure that different learning styles can be accommodated and that people can access training in a way that suits their needs.