The stark reality is that, at the moment, most young people don't see politics as an important part of their daily lives or how they can influence it. We aim to change this and encourage young people to think about politics and the impact it has on all our lives. 

Most importantly, we aim to bring councillors and students together on local issues, with the aim of building mutual respect and trust. During local democracy events, students are made aware of what they can do to influence decision-making and the importance of using their vote when they get the opportunity. 

What are the benefits?

Students are encouraged to express their opinions and feel more confident about being active promoters and campaigners for change in the future. Local democracy events allow councillors to meet and work with young people in a very positive way. It opens up lines of communication and gives councillors the opportunity to hear the issues faced by young people in their district.  

Developing successful partnerships with local schools and colleges in East Devon is vitally important to break down barriers and build trust between the council and young people. The council recognises the importance of young people as the future of East Devon and is keen to work with schools and colleges to explore ideas and promote local democracy. 

We have helped to deliver successful activities such as political speed dating, mock debates and campaigns, all which aim to focus on local issues. These events have been very popular and given students a taste of what happens at their local council and encourages young people to take more of an interest in local politics.