For Council and all committee meetings (except the Cabinet or one of its sub-committees) items which, in the opinion of the chairman, should be dealt with as matters of urgency because of special circumstances can be considered at a meeting.  The special circumstances must be noted in the minutes.

For Cabinet or one of its sub-committees late / urgent items can be considered. However where the matter is a key decision and the date by which the decision must be taken means notice of the decision was not publicised in advance [either in the Forward Plan or more than 5 days in advance under the exception rule], and the Chairman of Overview or Scrutiny [or if they are unable to act, the Chairman of the Council or if they are unable the Vice Chairman] has agreed that the item is urgent and cannot be reasonably be deferred then it may also be considered. As soon as reasonably practicable after their agreement is given then the reasons for the urgency and why it cannot be deferred must be made available on the Council's website and at our offices.

If a councillor wishes to raise a matter as urgent, please notify the Chief Executive or Monitoring Officer prior to the meeting, who will consult with the chairman.